Sam Redford

Sam Redford
Sam Redford
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The Star Biography

Sam Redford is quite a popular actor. He appeared in a number of films and is one of the known faces in Tully Bannerman. A basic detail of his carrier is given here. Read the details for more.

Personal life

If you are our regular watcher of Game Of Thrones of Sam Redford, who is not only one of the most popular actors in the show, but he is also equally popular in the film industry and also the television industry. A little is known about his personal life, but 2002 can be considered as the year when the 1st appeared in the film industry. He is a wonderful and the skillful actor, which paid his way through a good carrier in the industry. A few of the movies where he acted and the upcoming movies are given here.

Films and TV shows

A few of the most widespread movies, which a lot of people have a heard about including a few of the most popular titles like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which was released in the year 2016, The Casual Vacancy, released in the year 2015 Crystal Skulls released in the year 2014, Color Me Kubrick: A True…is Story released in the year 2005, K-19: The Widow maker release in the year 2002 and it was his 1st film. All the movies mentioned here earned a lot of popularity among film lovers.

Other information about his appearance

His most popular and the most successful series is none other than the Game Of Thrones, where he is playing the role of Tully Bannerman. Game Of Thrones is still on the air. Though he appeared in very few movies, but his popularity is quite widespread for his acting in the most popular Game Of Thrones. It is expected that he will appear in the new movies in the future.