Robert Duvall

Robert Duvall
Robert Duvall
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The Star Biography

Robert Duvall is a veteran actor and director was born on January 5th, 1931 in San Diego CA to Mildred Virginia an amateur actress, and William Howard Duvall, a career military officer. Duvall majored in drama and is a well known personality.

His early life

Duvall had a major in English drama at the Principia College and then served a two-year course in the army after graduation. He attended the neighborhood Playhouse school of the theatre in New York City in 1995. Meisner cast Duvall in the play named the Midnight Caller” by Horton Foote that was a critical step in his career. He acted in to kill a Mocking bird and this was his major role since 1956.

His acting career

Duvall made a name for himself as a stage actor in New York by winning an Obie award in 1965 by playing a role of Eddie Carbone” in the off-Broadway revitalization of Arthur Miller‘s A View from the Bridge also worked in movies like Arthur Penn’s Chase, The Godfather, Countdown, The Rain People, True Grit and the Korean War Comedy Mash. He also received first of his six award nominations for his role in the Godfather. Duvall got his second nomination as “Lt. Col. Kilgore” in another Coppola picture, Apocalypse Now and thus he slowly gained grounds as an actor. He was termed as the most versatile actor in the Guinness book of World records


Duvall has proved himself to be one of the few established actors to move from supporting roles to leading roles and this is what makes him one of the best actors till now. He is one of the best actors who has done a number of roles in a number of movies and has won various awards as well.