Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams
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The Star Biography

Rachel McAdams: The actress and activist

This Canadian actress became the ‘it’ girl of Hollywood. A fine actress, Rachel is known for her role in the movie the Perfect Pie in the year 2002.With her fantastic performance and choice of roles, this beautiful actress had made a name in the fraternity. She is also a social activist who has worked for various social causes.

As the actress

With her performance in the movies like in the romantic drama The Notebook, in the comedy film like Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers were choices she had made best. As an actress, she believed in taking up a variety of roles. She kept experimenting with different kinds of characters. Each of them has received a positive response from her viewers. One of the films that she had signed like the thriller Red Eye had shown her playing a very different kind of role, unlike the previous ones. Recently she has won the title of the Best Supporting Actress for Spotlight.

As the social activist

Rachel McAdams has been working as a social activist. As an environmentalist, McAdams was highly concerned with the environmental hazards. She has been actively working on these issues. Rachel has her website which is on being eco-friendly. She believes in cycling and therefore does not own car. The house in which she resides uses renewable energy. She has been involved in the panels of many trusts and charity organizations. She has also worked on projects where she spread awareness of saving the rivers like in the documentary feature film named Take Me to the River. This feature film was based on a lot of investigation and research work.