Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams
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The Star Biography

Rachel McAdams was born in London to Sandra key that was a nurse and Lance Frederick McAdams who was a truck driver. She is of English, Scottish, Irish and Welse origin and is the eldest of three children with a sister.

Her personal life

McAdams grew up in a Protestant household. When she was four years old, she began figure skating, however turned down an opportunity to shift to Toronto when she was nine years old for skating training. Skating then became a hobby McAdams was trained in Myrtle Street Public School, and then Central Elgin collegiate Institute. She did not like academics but was a good student. She developed an interest in arts when she was 7 years old. She also attended Disney and Shakespeare summer camps. She also participated in Original kids Theatre Company and London productions. She was also actively involved in children’s theatre productions and school stage productions. She graduated with a bachelors of Fine arts degree in 2001 and started working with a Toronto-based Necessary Angel Theatre Company

Her acting career

McAdams made her debut in the MTV pilot Shotgun Love Dolls as beth Swanson that was filmed during the spring break from York University. She also debuted in a Canadian film comedy called my name is Tanino. McAdams also won a Genie award nomination for a role in her drama the Perfect Pie. She made her debut in a Hollywood comedy the Hot Chick and this was the milestone of her career. She also played a catty high school student. The film grossed 54 million dollars worldwide. She then returned to Canada to star as Kate Mcnab in Slings and Arrows. She has been given a number of nominations and awards including the Screen Actors Guild Award, out of three nominations, and a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Spotlight.


Rachel McAdams has made her career a grand success with so many movies and awards nominations. She is definitely here to stay.