Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Paul-Olivier Dehaye
Paul-Olivier Dehaye
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Paul-Olivier Dehaye was born in Belgium in 1981. Immediately after scientific studies in arithmetic on the Université Libre de Bruxelles , he moved to Stanford , CA for his PhD. There he examined number theory and representation theory beneath the supervision of Prof. Daniel Bump. He then spent two several years being a Junior Investigation Fellowship at Merton College, Oxford . Lastly, he moved to Zurich. Initial as being a Heinz Hopf Lecturer with the ETH Zurich and now Swiss National Science Foundation (NTT) Assistant Professor with the Arithmetic Institute with the University of Zurich . He has amassed instructing practical experience at each one of these institutions (and prized at Stanford), for a complete of close to fifteen several years. Throughout he has also been a supporter and developer of open up resource computer software for mathematical study, and recently for teaching likewise. This different working experience would make him specifically experienced to discover new frontiers for education in a very connected earth. Amid other issues, he is currently advising significant Swiss providers and startups on the topic, together with convener on the Swiss MOOC interest group . When he’s not studying many of the most mysterious complications in selection idea, he likes to daydream wherever arithmetic might be now if mathematicians had been prepared and able to deliver it there. He may additionally Have a very cunning strategy…