Kim Dickens

Kim Dickens
Kim Dickens
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Kim Dickens plays the role of Madison Clark in Fear the Walking Dead. She was born on 18th June 1965 in Alabama, US, to parents Pam Howell and Justin Dickens, and is an American actress who debuted as an actress in her supporting role of the 1995 comedy movie Palookaville. She also had lead roles in films like Hollow Man, Mercury rising, Truth or consequences, the blind side Gone girl and more. Kim plays the role of Madison Clark who is intelligent and dominating and a guidance counselor and has two children- Nick and Alicia and fiancé Travis.

Dickens graduated from Lee High School and then attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she studied Bachelor of Arts in communication. Dickens made her stage debut as a student in David Mamet’s Sexual Perversity in Chicago. She made her professional screen debut in Alan Taylors Comedy film. Dickens has some various movies and television series to her name, and she also stared ion great expectations novel and had leading roles in Zero effect and Mercury rising.