Caron Danvers

Caron Danvers
Caron Danvers
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The Star Biography

Avalon Cara Danvers was born December 7, 1991 in Washington, D.C. getting engrossed in the society of America capital ahead of moving to L. a., California at age 24. Danvers located an interest in performing at thirteen several years aged by expressing desire through theatrical productions. By 2012 however, Danvers experienced eyes established on a far more ambitious intention.

Officially signing the “Charter of Atlantis” on December 21, 2012, Avalon Launched the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Group (CATO) which among the its member Directorate of NortheBridge will be the prestigious NortheBridge Amusement, NortheBridge Leisure Studios, and NortheBridge Entertainment Media Group (NEMG) and actively taking over an executive purpose.

Danvers is greatest noted for staying an Govt Producer within the forthcoming 2020-sequence Renegades, a followup for the Renegades (2017).