Berta Vázquez

Berta Vázquez
Berta Vázquez
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Berta Vázquez whose real name is Birtukan Tibebe is a Ukrainian actress who is well known for playing the character of La Rizos in the television series Locked Up which is also called Vis a Vis. She was born on 28th March 1992 in Ukraine She has also been well known for her role of Bisila in the 2015 film Palm Trees in the Snow. She started her entertainment career with dance lessons at the age of thirteen and then also tried her luck at music auditioning. She has also appeared in various short films like L’Agent and Las pequeñas costs. She is born to Ethiopian parents and begun dating fellow actor Mario Casas in 2014 She grabbed a role in Vis a Vis in 2015. She played the role of Estefanía Kabila “La rizos,” an inmate who faces a 3-year sentence for robbery and injuries for her boss.