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Star Trek Beyond
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Star Trek Beyond is a science fiction with space adventure film. There are many scenes with great visual effects with more aliens and ships looks very realistic. The concept of the movie always tours around the stars and spaces in our universe. These films along with its franchise are one of the older film series in the world, about space and space travels.
ABOUT Star Trek Beyond

Information about the movie

Star Trek Beyond is an American science fiction adventure movie directed by Justin Lin. The film is the 13th film in the series of Star Trek, which is made by Gene Roddenberry. This one is the third movie of the new reboot series. The film casts Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, and with other actors.

The motion picture is based on the space adventure and aliens as well, so the theme of the movie set should be strikingly splendid. Thus, the location for the movie to shoot was in Vancouver, Seoul, and Dubai. Besides, the film shooting location, there was much different computers-generated imagery is applied to look aliens and others real.


Captain Kirk, the commander of USS Enterprise, arrives at Starbase Yorktown, a space station for resupply. Captain Kirk and his crews are on a five-year mission, and this is the 3rd year of the task. The ship then goes to a rescue mission on Altamid, and soon the rescue changed into an ambush from the enemy, and the ship has dispatched into an

alien planet.

Their enemy Krall on the uncharted planet captures the some of the survivors, and Captain Kirk along with some other survivors didn’t fall in Krall’s hand. The captain and its teammates went for a new mission to save their other crewmember from the enemy. They succeed with many difficulties and finally got the victory and return to their base.

Reception of Star Trek Beyond

The film received a positive review from the critics, and it’s even quoted as an interesting movie as per some critics. The movie scored a roaring 83% on the positive meter, and some fans of the old franchise have praised the film as well. The box-office collection of the film was very poor despite the critics said about the film, there was only just over $330 million worldwide.