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The Walking Dead
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About This:
Getting to know the story of the walking dead The Walking Dead is based on the comic book sequences that were written by Robert Kirkman, and Image Comics published it. This is a story about Zombie. In recent days youngsters enjoy a lot, and along with that, the walking dead has praised from critics being the most innovative plot.
  • Andrew Lincoln
  • Chandler Riggs
  • Lauren Cohan
  • Melissa McBride

Theme of the story

Rick Grimes is an earlier Sheriff’s assistant who has been in oblivion for some months after being the blast while on duty. The Walking Dead takes place afterward the beginning of a universal zombie apocalypse. The sleepwalkers colloquially mentioned to as “walkers,” amble to living individuals and other persons to eat them.

Storyline of the walking dead

When Rick wakes, he determines that the sphere has been overwhelmed by a zombie widespread of apocalyptic sizes and that he appears to be the only individual still active. After recurring home to find out his wife and son was missing, he runs into stayers Morgan and his son; who demonstrate him the chains of the different world.

When he wanted to know that his family is missing, he then runs for Atlanta to hunt for his family. Barely absconding death at the fingers of the zombies on the entrance in Atlanta he is assisted by added stayer, Glenn, which precedes Rick to a site outside the city.

There Rick discovers his wife Lori as well as his son, Carl, along with his partner and best friend Shane and a trivial group of survivors who brawl to fend off the zombie crowds; as well as opposing with other living groups who are ready to do whatever it proceeds to endure in this strict new world.


The walking dead is the most popular TV series in America and is mostly loved by the youngsters. They have always had the desire to be able to see some innovative series with unique as well as exciting ideas. This mentality of the youngsters of this nation is amongst the key reasons behind this particular TV show having been able to make a considerable effect on the people across the nation.