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The Vampire Diaries
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About This:
The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama that’s filled with romance, horror and fantasy. One of the most loved and watched television series by the youth today. Supernatural things and beings like vampires and werewolves still exist as per the storyline of The Vampire Diaries series. The story is filled with interesting happenings that chill the viewers at times.
SERİES SUMMERY The Vampire Diaries

Theme of the movie

The theme of the movie is basically supernatural in nature as it involves the lives of vampires who are related to humans. It’s about love, a very normal girl living in a fictional town named Mystic Falls in the state of Virginia. The Vampire Diaries revolves around a girl who has fallen in love with a 162-year-old vampire Stefan Salvatore and as their relation grows the problems also increase with time. Suddenly Stefan’s brother also enters the story and creates a lot of problem then the return of Katherine as well is a big trouble for the couple. The theme here in this series is to show that supernatural love exists and no matter how tough things get real love wins.

Storyline of the series

The Vampire Diaries is a series filled with many twists and turns; it’s filled with love and the spirit of vengeance inside humans and vampires. Here a very simple girl living in Mystic falls which a small town in Virginia that is frequently attacked by various demonic beings like vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts. The Vampire Diaries story begins when Elena Gilbert falls in deep love with vampire Stefan Salvatore. With the passing time their relation gets bad to worse with the return of the vampires brother and his past love. Elena also suddenly finds herself attracted to Stefan’s brother that makes things horrible. Then there are also plots by Kristina the first love of both the vampire brothers in the Vampire Diaries series.


If you love vampires and supernatural activities then this series is a must watch for you and with the mystical happenings and the turns and twists things just get better.