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The Sopranos
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About This:
Another timeless classic from HBO, the Sopranos were a crime drama television show that aired from 1999 to 2007. It featured the life and times of Tony Soprano, a mobster who tries to balance his family life with his work life in a criminal organization. One of the highest rated shows on Rotten Tomatoes, the Sopranos approval rating stands at an astonishing 97%.

Critical Acclaim

This is a show that consistently features on every list of greatest television series of all time. With 21 Emmy Awards, five Golden Globe Awards, and multiple Peabody Awards, the Sopranos are as popular among fans as among critics, The Writers Guild of America has called this masterwork the best-written show of all time.

How The Sopranos has changed television forever

The Sopranos was an essential part of American culture throughout the last decade and still remains very important today. Before this show aired, serial television was hardly considered a space for serious expression of art. The complex and yet addictive nature of the show was unprecedented and helped dispel the myth that television was not a place for dark characters and dark comedy. The show inspired many that came after it and was responsible for the huge rise in ambitious dramas on cable television that followed.


Tony Soprano is an Italian-American mobster who is based in New Jersey but is struggling to cope with the demands of his family and mob. So he seeks therapy and consults psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi, and the conversation between the pair are often used to highlight the inner feelings of Tony and his struggles in his busy life. The Sopranos can be surprisingly violent, emotionally moving and feature a lot of dark comedy.