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The Originals
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About This:
The Originals is one of the best romantic supernatural television series that has won and nominated for some very prestigious awards of the industry. There is love, romance, anger and vengeance filled in the series. All this happens in order to attain the lost power and rule over the city of New Orleans. With lots of ups and downs The Originals series is more than interesting.
  • Joseph Morgan

The theme of the series

The Originals series is all about the siblings of werewolves who return to New Orleans in order to get back the lost rule over by the city. The reason behind this is that they had originally built the city but had to leave because off their revengeful father who wanted to kill them. So the Originals series depicts the fight between the good and bad in order to get back lost rule and power from the wrong ones and bring back happiness and peace to the city. In between love also comes up in the series, which makes things more interesting. You have to look out for the surprises and the twists and turns that are hidden inside The Originals series.

Storyline of the series

The whole storyline of The Originals series is based on the relation that a vampire (Klaus) and werewolf (Hayley) have in between them and Hayley gets pregnant. Angered by this Klaus father throws them out of the city. After many years the siblings return to New Orleans and the Originals series plot begins here when Klaus urges his kids to take back the rule over the city that his fathers had actually built. This is also an attempt to stop an upcoming war in between the vampires and the werewolves that would cause huge devastation. In between all this there is a lot of love and romance as well, which gives a new dimension to the message of the movie, which is that vampires and werewolves can coexist with each other.


If you want to know the level to which this series is famous ask a youth about The Originals series. He or she will tell you the whole story.