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About This:
Untold details about “Suits” A renowned drama series Suits, is the favorite show of every adults of America. It was written and created by Aaron Korsh, featuring Rick Hoffman, Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams and more. “Suits” is a famous TV series of America and it has a huge audience. People love to watch this TV show for the theme and unique plot.
  • Gabriel Macht
  • Patrick J. Adams
  • Rick Hoffman

Theme of the TV series

Mike Ross is an intelligent and young college-dropout blunder into a job interview when running from a drug deal with best legal closers of New York City.

Drained of cookie-cutter law school grads, Harvey receives a chance by contacting Mike on the commercial after he identifies his raw flair and clear memory.

Harvey and Mike is a winning squad. Even, however, Mike is a mastermind; he still has a ration to acquire about law enforcement. While Harvey may appear like an impassive, cold-blooded shark, Mike’s compassion and anxiety for their cases and customers will support remind Harvey why he went into the law enforcement in the first place?

Storyline Of the series

Mike’s other associates in the workplace include the firm’s finest paralegal Rachel and Harvey’s straightforward associate Donna to support him to get justice. Demonstrating to be an uncontrollable pair and priceless to the practice, Harvey, and Mike need keep their top-secret from everybody including management partner Jessica and Harvey’s arch opponent Louis, who looks committed on making Mike’s life as hard as possible.

Undefended with the active voting between Daniel and Jessica, Louis seems to conflict. Rachel is shocked to see Mike at work the day later Edith’s death. He is feeling embarrassed because he missed his last gamble to see her active employed.


The overall 6 seasons has left a great impact on people. People always love to watch the episodes of this drama series. The TV show has received several awards for being the innovative and unique plot and storyline.