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About This:
Narcos – Pablo’s rise and fall Narcos is the name of an US crime web TV series whose creators cum producers are Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, and Doug Miro. The series ad been announced in the month of April of 2014, when a partnership deal was finalized Telemundo, a Spanish language network and Netflix.
  • Wagner Moura
  • Pedro Pascal
  • Boyd Holbrook


This series narrates the account of Pablo Escobar, the drug kingpin, who went to become a billionaire by the manufacture and circulation of cocaine. It also centers on the interactions of Escobar with DEA agents, drug lords, and a variety of opposition entities. It shows the way Escobar initially became caught up in the cocaine trading in Colombia. It shows his meeting with Mateo Moreno, the Chilean chemist, and Moreno’s producing of cocaine and Escobar’s distribution of the drug. Both expand by the building of further, larger labs and transporting cocaine in large volumes to Miami, where the well to do and famous laps it up. Then USA sends over a DEA squad to Columbia and the result in a huge conflict and chaps and the ultimate fall of Pablo.


Narcos narrates the true-life account of the development and multiplying of cocaine drug associations all over the earth and the attendant attempts of the law enforcement in meeting them straight out in vicious, gory clash. The story is centered about the Pablo Escobar, the infamous Colombian cocaine linchpin and Steve Murphy, who is a DEA mediator who have been sent to Colombia as a part of a U.S. assignment to detain him and finally kill him.


Over the couple of seasons of “Narcos,” Pablo Escobar’s rise and fall has been essayed in a stimulating dash of information and the dash has be such that the ubiquitous voice-over of Murphy’s has been essential for cramming all of the lot in there. And that’s been a key mainstay of this show. The scale of Escobar’s realm and the various forms of effort that had been for dismantling is not simple to sum up in any sort of medium. If there is a story that is likely to have gained from meat-and-potatoes simplicity, it is the story of Pablo Escobar.