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About This:
Having started in 2014, Fargo is just two seasons old and the show follows an anthology format. This means every new season gets a new plot, characters and cast. Writer and creator Noah Hawley was inspired by the Coen brothers directed 1996 film of the same name. The show has got a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 9/10 in IMDb.

Analysing Season 1

The debut season of Fargo introduced viewers to a brand of dark humor and absurd situations that have been seldom witnessed on television before. Filled with quirky characters in a unique atmosphere, the direction here was highly praised. The first season revolves around a drifter Lorne Malvo as he passes through the town of Bemidji, influencing the residents (including the character of insurance salesman Lester Nygaard) with his crimes and malice.

Analysing Season 2

Each episode in this season begins with the same message of “This is a true story…” like the first, even though both storylines are completely fictional. Featuring amazing acting, dark humor and a lot of cynicism, this season lived up to the promises of the previous one. The second season follows married couple Peggy and Ed Blumquist as they try to cover up the hit and run of Rye Gerhardt. A parallel plot involves state trooper Lou Solverson working on a triple murder with father-in-law, Sheriff Hank Larsson.


In just two years, Fargo has won 32 awards and received a total of 133 award nominations. The first season had 8 Emmy nominations and won for Outstanding Miniseries and another for directing. The show also has 2 Golden Globes from 8 nominations. Other accolades include a Peabody Award, Artios Award and seven Critics’ Choice Television Awards. So far Fargo has received universal acclaim for its unique style of storytelling but following seasons must live up to hype and expectations.