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Breaking Bad
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About This:
Breaking Bad has extraordinary ratings from critics and fans alike, a 9.5/10 on IMDb, a 9/10 in and an extraordinary 95/100 on Rotten Tomatoes speak volumes about the quality of this show. Considered by many to be the greatest television series of all time and across all genres, the show has a unique storyline with extraordinary direction.

Themes explored in the show

Some of the major themes explored in Breaking Bad involve the moral consequences of actions and one’s devotion to his or her family. The show can challenge the viewer’s opinions on what actions make a man bad and are they justified to any extent if done for the benefit of loved ones? The show also explores how each action can have a reaction and moral consequence as well as challenging the black and white nature in which we see life and society.

Acting and Awards

Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and Aaron Paul all shine in major roles with the best performances of their careers. Bryan Cranston who played protagonist Walter White won the Emmy for an astonishing four times (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2014) for his acting. Anna Gunn and Aaron Paul won two and three Emmy awards for acting in supporting roles. The series has a total of 16 wins and 58 nominations in the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Series Plot

In the first few episodes of Breaking Bad, we meet our leading character, the underachieving Walter White. The high-school chemistry teacher does a low earning job that is far below his capability and knowledge. He is then diagnosed with stage III cancer and with just two years to live, all he wants is to secure a future for his wife and son (who by the way has cerebral palsy). With time and money running out, Walt decides he has nothing to lose and begins a career of crimes and drugs along with former student Jesse Pinkman.