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  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  • Chris Pratt
  • Tom Holland
ABOUT Onward

Stars/Voice cast of Onward – The interesting thing about animated films is that just like cast of general films interest the audience the voice cast is not less interesting. The voices give distinct character to every character.

  • Tom Holland lends his voice for Ian Lightfoot.
  • Chris Pratt as barley Lightfoot.
  • Octavia Spencer.
  • Jullia Louis –Dreyfus.

Director– The film is directed by Dan Scanlon. He is a well known animator based in America. He is also known for his storyboard art, direction work. He works of Pixer. Monster University was loved by the audience is one of the best known animated films from Pixer. .

Scriptwriter– The screen play is written by Dan Scanlon and A.C Anderson. Both of them are well known script writers. Audience are eagerly waiting for what story they weave out of suburban magical world where elves, mermaids, fauns, trolls, satyrs, gnomes, goblins and sprites walk to create magical stories.

Genre- Onward is a 3D Computer-animated fantasy film based in Urban setting.

Release- The film is set to hit theatres in March 6, 2020. The audience must wait until then to catch the shows.

Description –
The world of animated fantasy films is so surreal that it appeals audience of all ages. Definitely the story and the presentation must differ for every age groups and critics alike.

About – Onward is a forthcoming 3D computer animated urban fantasy film.

PLOT-The story goes like there are two brothers who are elfs namely Ian and Barley. It is a story about their search about if magic still works in this world. The story also has sentimental side which shows the eagerness of the two young boys for their lost father. It is their earnestness that breathes human touch to the animated story.