Don’t Breathe

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Don’t Breathe
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Don't Breathe is the story of three intruders who make their living by getting into peoples houses and stealing stuffs. Then they later sell the stolen things for money finally they decide to get into a blind mans house and steal things. This is the place where the real story starts, when they get into the blind mans house and face the worst nightmare of their lives. The blind man is way more dangerous and strong than they can even imagine.
ABOUT Don’t Breathe

Theme of the movie 

The basic theme of the movie is to show how cruel the world can be at times. It’s a psychological thriller more than a horror story. Although the motive of the movie is to make people think that the blind man is a ghost rather has a horrific ghostly nature that is filled with haterade and anger with the spirit of vengeance. Don’t Breathe is a movie where you see how sensitive blind people can be and how quickly they can react to things around them. Then another aspect of the movie is to show the fate of those people who do not care for other peoples they also have to suffer as they make others suffer.

Storyline of the movie

The basic storyline of the Don’t Breathe movie revolves around three friends who make their living by breaking into people’s houses and robbing things and money. They find out that there is a blind man living alone in a house so they plan to break into the house. The day comes and they get into the house by drugging the blind mans dog and when they finally get in they find nothing and get to a place where they find a locked door. Assuming that the money is inside they try to open the door by shooting the lock and the sound of the bullet wakes up the blind man.

When he cones he kills one of the intruder’s money. Then when they get into the room they find Cindy the blind mans daughter and free her but find out that all doors are locked and in the time of escaping he kills Cindy and Alex but, finally rocky escapes with the money after a huge struggle with the blind man.


The movie don’t Breathe some villains never die