Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War TRAILER

Captain America: Civil War
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Captain America is a movie based on scientific fiction. Based on the famous comic series “The Marvel” Captain America is the most loved and famous American superhero. The story is filled with action and thrill and has lots to covey. The story conveys a very close connection between humans and mutants and the understanding between them. Finally humanity wins after a long fight.
ABOUT Captain America: Civil War

Theme of the movie

Captain America “Civil War” is the latest release by the Walt Disney pictures for all the fiction loving people in the globe. This was one of the most awaited releases of the year. This movie basically shows the fight between avengers that includes Captain America as well from Bucky the super trained and brainwashed soldier who is looking to steal a mutant portion or a super soldier serum. So the movie is all about the attempt to steal the mutant portion where due to a mishap some innocent people also get killed then the government intervenes and they try to put in laws on the team and the story goes on like this.

Storyline of the movie

The story starts when Captain America who is leading the avengers and they are trying to save anything and everything that is related to the security of the country. In attempt to save one biological weapon from being stolen and Rumlow blows himself up thinking that he will be able to kill Captain America in the “civil war” but instead due to this some innocent people die and the avengers are blamed for the mishap and a rule comes that the government will control the movements of the avengers. Which is supported by some in the group and opposed by some then as all these things are going on the war and the fight between the avengers and Bucky starts and after a very long and devastating fight they win over him.


Enjoy this cool movie based on fiction; it’s filled with action and lots of sci-fi things in it.