War Dogs


War Dogs
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War Dogs is an American Comedy film that has been based on a Rolling Stone article. The film has been directed by Todd Philips ad written by Phillips. This basically a movie based on War, though some parts have been highly dramatized
  • Miles Teller
  • Steve Lantz
  • Gregg Weiner
ABOUT War Dogs

The storyline of the movie

War Dogs is a story about two arms dealers Ephraim Diveroli and David Packouz who receive a US army contract to supply arms and weapons for the Afghan National Army that is worth around 300 million dollars. The film stars Jonah Hill, Ana De Armas, Bradley Cooper and Teller. The filming for the movie began on March 2, 2015 in Romania and is premiered in New York City on August 2016.

The plot of the movie

David Packouz lives in Miami with his girlfriend and works as a massage therapist. David wants to get some more income and thus spends his life savings on high quality Egyptian cotton sheets and plans to sell them to Miami retirement homes. David then runs into high school best friend Diveroli at a funeral who has moved to Los Angeles for selling guns. David and Efraim eventually land into a contract where they have to sell guns to Afghan across the border where they have to sell a massive order worth $300 million included 100 rounds of AK 47 ammunition. The two end up in an encounter with the US arms dealer with legendary US arms dealer. What follows is a series of different issues


War Dogs is an intense war movie that is has been well taken by the viewers who love a little serious tone to any movie. This movie has also done well in the box office with the various talented actors and their acting skills.