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The Shallows
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“The shallows” is a story of survival of a young medical student who is bitten by a shark and tries to save herself from being killed by it. The movie “The shallows” interesting depiction of the ability of a human to survive even in the most negative situations when many will totally lose hope. The young lady fights with the shark finally killing it and is saved by people later.
ABOUT The Shallows

Theme of the movie

The shallows” is a perfect example of how a person can survive in an odd situation when he or she is left alone with a predator that is looking to kill them. The actress sees people being torn to pieces by the shark in front of her eyes but still she holds her courage till the end and fights with the huge shark when she is totally pulled down into the ocean bed by the angry shark where she puts up a strong fight with it and finally wins. This movie also shows the loving nature of humans where the lady names a wounded seagull and makes it her friend for the whole night talking with it and sharing things.

Story line of the movie

The shallows” has a very simple plot where a medical student named Nancy Adams (played by Blake Lively) has lost her mother before some days travels to a deserted beach where her mother also has gone when she was pregnant with Nancy inside her. She goes for surfing with two other people, who leave later, and then she waits for one last wave to surf but in the meantime a shark attacks are and wounds her brutally.

She somehow gets on a whale carcass where she makes a seagull her friend and names it Steven Seagull. The next morning a drunkard notices her and comes near her and instead of helping her he robs her backpack, phone and money. He also spots the surfboat and as he goes for that as well the shark finds him and tears him to pieces.

Then the two people who were swimming with her last day also return to surf but unfortunately killed by the shark even before she can warn them. Finally Nancy puts up a brave fight and kills the shark and finally is rescued by some people and “The shallows” movie finally ends on a positive note.

Star cast

Blake Lively, then Oscar Jaenada, and Brett Cullen play the main role of the lady surfer in supporting roles.