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Willa Holland
Willa Holland
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The Star Biography

Willa Holland – Steven Spielberg is a reason for what she is today

The birthplace of Willa Holland was LA, USA. He’s a parent were Keith Holland, a cinematographer, and Darnell Gregorio-De Palma, an actress. She has a couple of sisters in Piper De Palma and Brianna Holland. The earlier phase of her youth was spent in Chelsea, London. During that time she spent quite some time on the sets of the motion picture called Mission: Impossible, whose director was Brian De Palma, her step dad.

The taking off of her career while a kid

When aged 7 years, Holland played at the residence of her stepfather’s neighbor in The Hamptons. Incidentally, the neighbor was none other than Steven Spielberg, who had been filming home videos at that time. He told the parents of Holland that they must place her before the camera. On her return to LA that September, Willa signed a deal with Ford Modeling Agency and she was immediately booked for a Burberry shoot. In, 1999, the next year, De Palma took Willa to a theatrical talent group.


From that time onwards she has made appearances in numerous national commercials. During the year of 2001 when aged ten Holland worked together with her first father in Ordinary Madness. Holland was also scheduled to be a co-star in The Inside, the Fox series of 2005 with Rachel Nichols, a fellow model. However, she departed the show in writer Tim Minear being brought in for overhauling it. She portrayed Kaitlin Cooper on the series “The O.C. She became a regular feature of this series during its 4thseason.

In 2007, Willa was cast in Garden Party, an independent drama film, in which she enacted the charter called April. In 2008, The CW declared that Holland would feature in 3 episodes of the 2nd season of Gossip Girl, the teen-drama TV series. Holland enacted the character of a rebellious model aged 16 years.

In 2010 Willa made a one-off come back in the 3rd season’s 16th episode named “The Empire Strikes Jack.”

In 2010, Willa starred in her foremost key studio motion picture Legion, an apocalyptic thriller movie. She also featured in the film called Straw Dogs, which was released in the month of September of 2011.

In the month of February of 2012, Willa was named among the casts of Arrow, the CW action-adventure TV series.

Her most recent film appearance was in Tiger Eyes, which was released in the month of April of 2012.


She was nominated for the Spike Video Game Award for finest Cast for her part in Scarface: The World Is Yours, a video game. She was the winner of the Boston International Film Festival reward for Best Actress for her role in the movie called Tiger Eyes.