Gregg Weiner

Gregg Weiner
Gregg Weiner
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The Star Biography

An overview of Gregg Weiner

Gregg Weiner a well-known actor of American industry. He is renowned for his little but notable works in American film industry such as Pain and Gain, War Dogs and Transporter 2. He was quite dedicated to acting, and this is why he selected this profession just to accomplish his dreams.

Early life of Gregg Weiner

Gregg Weiner was born in the USA. From his early hood, he was very dedicated to acting, and he wanted to be a successful actor in his career. When he was in middle school, he began his acting career by performing in various dramas. He used to join a theater group just to enhance his acting skills and talent. He was very determined to his words that he would love to become a movie actor.


Gregg Weiner has done 3-4 movies in his entire life, but he has played his every character successfully. He used to be a director’s actor, and this is why directors and producers like to choose him in their movies. In the movie TRANSPORTER 2 in 2005, he has played the character of Tipov. Tipov used to be the villain’s man who was very loyal to his master, but Dimitri kills the character Tipov in his panic. In the movie War Dogs in 2016, Gregg Weiner played the role of a Massage Client. However, the role was very small in that movie, but Gregg has done the character with loyalty and honesty. He uses to do several kinds of characters in his entire film career.

Additional works

Not only as a supporting cast but Gregg has done some small appearance in some movies as well as TV series. In the movie Pain and Gain in 2013, Gregg made his appearance as a guest in a party. Gregg has done some commercial in American Film Industry. However, he used to get small roles in movies, but he portrayed every character with honesty just to upsurge his talent.