Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres
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The Star Biography

Ellen DeGeneres was born on 26th January 1958 and is a famous and well-known American comedian, television hoast, actress and show producer as well. Ellen was known to host the famous show Ellen in Sitcom from 1994-1998

Ellen and her stand up career

DeGeneres was known to be the first female comedian who was invited by Johnny Carson to join him to host ‘the Tonight Show’. Ellen was also known to host the famous show called Ellen, which received a number of viewer acclamations. As a film actress, DeGeneres acted in movies like Mr. Wrong, The Love Letter, and lent her voice for Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. During her shows she also came out as a Lesbian and she also openly acted as a Lesbian character on TV as well. In 2008 she married her long time girlfriend Portia De Rossi.

Her awards

Ellen was awarded the Saturn award for best supporting actress for voice performance. She was also the judge for American idol in 2010.DeGeneres has herself hosted the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and the prime Time Emmy awards. She has written three books and has also stated her own record company called eleven. Ellen has won 29 Emmys, 17 People’s Choice Awards, and a variety of awards for her work and charitable efforts. In 2016 she also received the presidential Medal of Freedom from Barrack Obama


Ellen has established herself as a famous standup comedian and a talk show host who is loved by all, despite knowing that she stands to be a lesbian. Though there were some contradictions at the beginning, she was later well received as a talk show host. She is an actress who is filled with talents.