Candice Patton

Candice Patton
Candice Patton
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The Star Biography

Candice Patton’s rise to fame

The US actress, Candice Kristina Patton, was born on the 24th of June of 1988s. People know Patton the most for het depiction of the character of Iris West in “The Flash,” The CW TV series. She also been commended for the recurring role of Tori that she has played in “The Game,” the BET TV series.

Early life and initial involvement in acting

She had been in Jackson in a family full of performers. Arianna Jackson. Her mom was a lady opera performer who played numerous musical theatres & dramas. Paul Patton, her father, worked as an engineer while being an astonishing musician. Following the birth of Candice, her parents begun having issues in their relationship and when Candice was aged 5, they divorced. Her mom took the kids to Plano in Texas. Being raised alongside her brother, she went to St. Pauls’ School, before long, she started making her presence in acting & drama. She also appeared in a number of local TV shows and also played in the theatres of Texas.

Her key break and subsequent acting career

While in college, she had been scouted “The Young and the Restless,” which was a group, for a Soap Star gala. The gala, which had been arranged by CBS, supported her involvement. Thus, she flew to LLA, USA and became a member of the cast & crew. This was her primary key break.

After this, she acted in “The Game” of NBC as Alice, a high school gal, who resided with her pals.

While acting in The Game she was offered a comparatively smaller part in “The Flash” of NBC. She also was among the casts of About a Boy.

Her foremost movie break came in the wake of About a Boy in 2011 in the movie called The Craigslist Killer. In 2012 she acted in the movie “commander and chief.” The Guest is the latest film that she’s’ acted in. Its release was made in 2014 and in it her role was different from her usual roles.


She was ranked 5th on the list of TV’s 100 Sexiest lady of 2014 of Buddy TV. In 2015, she was at the No. 61 position in Maxim Hot 100 List of Patton.

She has a huge fan following in Twitter. As of 2015, her projected net worth had been about $1 million.