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Amy Adams
Amy Adams
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Amy Adams the Enchanted Queen

Amy Adams mentioned in Times Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. This due to the American actress has seen the harsh times in her life along with useful skill she has to sit for downgraded movies. But the day she turned up she became so popular, and even now she is one of the best actresses Hollywood has.

Amy Lou Adams is an actress born on August 20, 1974, in Vicenza, Veneto, Italy to American parents settles there.  When she was eight years old, her family moved from Italy to Castle Rock, Colorado. In 2014, she named as one of the 100 most influential people by Time Magazine.

Acting Career

When she was in Chanhassen Dinner Theater, she went for the auditioned of Drop Dead Gorgeous and got the role. Adam appears many B-graded movies before she got the role of Brenda Strong in Catch Me If You Can, a film by Steven Spielberg. This movie changes her career and promotes the great acting skills she has, with some number of films at her doorsteps.

The films, which are superlative for Amy, are Junebug, Doubt, The Fighter, The Master, and Enchanted an animated musical movie. The film Enchanted was her one of the biggest hits in the career then. Recently, she has acted in some famous films like American Hustle and Man of Steel, where she played the role of Lois Lane.


Amy is one such actress, who have nominated for Academy and BAFTA Awards, five times each. And even been nominated for Golden Globes Awards six times, from which she bagged two awards for Best Actress in American Hustle and Big Eyes.