Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks
Albert Brooks
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The Star Biography

Albert Lawrence Brooks was born on 22nd July 1947 and is a well known American actor, comedian and filmmaker. He is known to be a talented actor who has also lent his voice in the recent animated movie Finding Dory and the Simpsons.

Brooks and his early life

Brooks was born in Beverley Hills California to parents Thelma Leeds, a singer and an actress and Harry Einstein who was a radio comedian. He grew up among show business families in Southern California and attended the Beverley hills high school. He then attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg but dropped out in a year to focus on his comedy career. He change changed his name to Albert Brooks and began his comedy career and very soon he was a celebrity on TV. He also hosted a number of talk shows and appeared in The Tonight Show. His onstage character portrays him as Egoistic, Narcissistic, nervous and a showbiz insider who made the audiences smile with his comedic stagecrafts.

Brooks and his awards

Brooks received an Academy Awards for best supporting actor for the 1987 Broadcast news. He also lent his voice for Finding Nemo, Finding Dory and the Simpsons including the Simpsons movie. He has also written, directed and acted in an assortment of comedy movies like Modern Romance, Lost in America, and defending your life. He has starred in two successful comedy shows after which he left the stand up career to try his hand in making films.


Brooks has done himself proud with his career. This multitalented actor, comedian and scriptwriter has written several scripts and acted in several comedy shows as well and that is what makes him a favorite. Among all.