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The Flash
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About This:
An US TV series whose developers are Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti, and Geoff Johns, the Flash is being aired on the CW. The series is founded on Barry Allen / Flash, the character of DC Comics who’s a uniformed mega hero crime-fighter capable of moving at superhuman speeds.
  • Grant Gustin
  • Candice Patton

The theme of this series

The series is a follow-up of Arrow and takes place in the same imaginary universe. This series is based Allen, which Grant Gustin portrays. Allen is a crime scene examiner who achieves mega human speed from the playing up of a particle accelerator. Allen makes use of this ability for fighting criminals, which include all those who’ve achieved mega human abilities.

The storyline

Following the witness of the supernatural murder of his mother and the unjust conviction of his father for the offense, the Detective Joe West absorbs Barry Allen. Allen turns into a dazzling and yet socially gauche crime scene examiner on behalf of the Central City law enforcement Department. None considers his account of the crime when a lightning ball having a man’s face invaded their residence that night as true. This drives Allen to prove that he’s right and to get the name of his father cleared of the crime.

14 years following the death of his mom, a sophisticated particle accelerator plays up during its unveiling and bathes the metropolis center with an anonymous energy. The lightning from the hurricane strikes Allen and he gets soaked in chemicals of his lab. Awakening following a coma of nine months, he finds out his capacity of moving at mega human speeds. Allen pledges to utilize his gift for protecting Central metropolis from the growing hostility of met human and additional wrongdoers. As flash, a uniformed mega hero, Allen amasses several foes branded as “Rogues,” whilst on the trail of the superhuman murderer of his mom, “Reverse-Flash.”

This is followed by other flash occurrences later on.


Visualized as a backdoor pilot initially, the encouraging reception that Gustin was given during a couple of as Barry, the character on Arrow, made the executives opt for developing a full pilot for drawing on a greater budget and helping embellish the world of Barry in more detailed way. Colleen Atwood, Arrow’s costume designer, was hired for designing Flash’s uniform. The creative panel wished ensuring that Flash would bear a resemblance to his comic paperback counterpart. The result was “The Flash” which made its premiere in North America on the 7th of October of 2014. Audiences and critics has acclaimed it highly it also was the winner of People’s Choice Award in 2014.