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Ray Donovan
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About This:
Ray Donovan, a popular TV series of America Ray Donovan is a quite popular TV series of America. The story is about a man called Ray Donovan who is a fixer, and he arranges playoffs, bribes, threats, etc. just to ensure the positive result that desired and required by the clients. But he is unable to fix the problem of his family member.

Theme of the Series

Ray Donovan is a very popular TV series. This is loved by each and every generation just for being the innovative and fresh concept. This is a comedy drama series starring Paula Malcomson, Liev Schreiber, Eddie Marsan, Steven Bauer and many popular celebs. The twelve episode of the first season premiered on 30th June 2013.

Storyline of the series

The pilot episode is ruined histories of viewership, becoming the main opening of all time on Show time. Show time reintroduced the show for the fourth season, which premiered on 26th June 2016. On 11th August 2016, Show time converted the show for the fifth season. The story is based on a person named Ray Donovan is actually a fixer by profession. He has numerous solutions for everyone around him.

He can solve everyone’s problem in a minute, but the important and significant part of the series is he is unable to solve his own family member’s problem. The characters of the series have such an authentic reality but wonder about some jobs the opulent and well-known persons have. This TV series is a factual testament to those makers and writers who have carried about something fresh and innovative that all other present shows seem to whitish in comparison.


The drama series is set in California, America. Liev Schreiber who has played the character of Ray Donovan has received several awards for the excellent performance in the show. The series has completed four the season in 2016. It has gained much popularity just for the cinematography and plot. The series has received critics’ choice award for being the best and most exciting new series.