Orange Is the New Black

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Orange Is the New Black
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About This:
Knowing about the different essence of the series Orange Is the New Black Orange is the new black is the popular series along with other TV shows like breaking bad, the walking dead. Orange is the new black is a popular American comedy-drama TV series and loved by each and every people of the young generation. The story is about a Piper Chapman who is sentenced to fifteen months for an old crime.
  • Taylor Schilling
  • Kate Mulgrew
SERİES SUMMERY Orange Is the New Black

Theme of the Series

Orange Is the New Black is immensely popular TV shows just for being the innovative and fresh content and story. Apart from all the plot and story, the name Orange is the new black has grabbed all the attention of the viewers. By hearing this kind of new name, people loved to watch the series. The theme is a lady who is arrested by the police just for some old crime.

Storyline of the series Orange Is the New Black

Piper Chapman, a woman with the age of thirty, is arrested by the police and sentenced to fifteen months in jail. She finds guilty just for an old wrongdoing of conveying money to her friend Alex Vause who is also a drug dealer.

The crime had happened ten years previous to the start of the sequence and in that time Piper had stimulated on to a silent, upstanding life amongst the upper middle-class family of New York. Her unexpected and sudden accusation severely disturbs her relations and associations with her family, friend, and fiancé.


In prison, Piper is reunified with Alex who called Piper in her experimental, follow-on in Piper’s arrest and they re-examine their association. Concurrently, Piper must study how to endure in prison and the proper way to overcome its plentiful, integral struggles. Episodes frequently feature memories of important proceedings from numerous prisoners and prison guards’ histories. All these recurrences naturally clarify how the prisoner came to be in jail, or then further progress the character’s back-story.