Nocturnal Animals

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Nocturnal Animals
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Nocturnal animals is a movie about a Gallery owner who is haunted by her ex husband’s novel, which is an aggressive thriller, that she interprets as an indirect threat and a tale of revenge. This is a psychological thriller that has been written and co produced by Tom Ford.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Amy Adams
ABOUT Nocturnal Animals

The storyline of the movie

Nocturnal animals, stars Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor Johnson The movie was selected to complete the Golden Lion at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, where it won the Grand Jury prize The movie is a psychological thriller that would make your hair stand while watching it and expecting more an more.

The Plot of the movie

The Angeleno Art Gallery is owned by Susan Morrow. She receives a manuscript for a novel that has been written by her estranged ex husband Edward Sheffield along with an invitation for dinner during his visit to Los Angeles. Her recent marriage to unfaithful businessman Hutton Morrow is slowly on the verge of deterioration and Susan becomes consumed by her ex husband’s novel, which is dedicated to her. This novel has been named as Nocturnal animals after Edward’s nickname for her. The novel comprises of dark content and raw emotions and Susan reminisces about meeting Edward in college and their relation which blossoms into love that Susans mother objected to. Susan also recalls her troubled marriage to Edward, which was strained with frustration with his career, and her attitude and thus Susan ends up cheating him and marrying Hutton. Edward also tried repairing their relation but ultimately cuts all ties with Susan when he learns that she has aborted their only child for a divorce proceeding. Susan hopes to meet Edward after reading his novel but h does not turn up any more.


The whole movie is filled with suspense and expectations of what will happen in the next scene. It is a must watch movie.