Mechanic: Resurrection

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Mechanic: Resurrection
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Mechanic: Resurrection is a wonderful movie, released in August 2016. It is a sequel to the movie The Mechanic. It was released in 2011. You should surely watch the movie if you are fond of watching action movies.
  • Jason Statham
  • Jessica Alba
ABOUT Mechanic: Resurrection

Theme of the movie

If you are fond of watching action packed movies, you should surely watch Mechanic: Resurrection, which is a sequel to the movie The Mechanic, which was released in the year 2011. The older version of the movie was also an action packed movie, and Mechanic: Resurrection was released in August of 2016. The movie also has a wonderful storyline, a detail of which is given here.


Arthur Bishop faked his death, and he was then living in Rio de Janeiro. He used to live there with a different name, and it was Santos. While he was living there, Renee Tran approached him, and he knew the true identity of Bishop. After that, Bishop made his escape and fleed to Thailand. After fleeing to Thailand, he took a wonderful shelter in the resort island, within a beach house, along with one of his friends Mae. He came to know that he was working with Riah Crain. Riah Crain and Bishop were actually two orphans, and they lived along with each other, being the orphans. Later one, they were trained as gangsters. It is from there, that Bishop escaped and faked his death. Thus, the story is wonderful, and you can know the details of the storyline if you watch the movie.


If you are fond of watching movies, and you are fond of watching action movies, you should surely watch the movie, as it will surely give you a lot of fun. Watch the movie as early as possible, for entertainment.