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Jason Bourne
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The Bourne series is a very popular movie sequences. Jason Bourne is the fifth one with the return of Matt Damon. It is a thriller and action movie with a lot of violence. Parents must ensure that small kids and young children are not allowed to watch the movie.
  • Matt Damon
  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Alicia Vikander
ABOUT Jason Bourne

Theme of the movie

Jason Bourne is the fifth movie in the Bourne series. The movie celebrates the fighting and the defensive skills of the protagonist character. His ability to beat up the evil people and even kill them is highlighted pretty well in the entire movie. The hero too suffers from violence and is defeated as well, but he never leaves the hope to unravel the truth and he is successful after a lot of struggles and challenges.

Storyline of the movie

In the fifth series, Jason Bourne, the hero with the same name, played by Matt Damon has been struggling through the underground fights for quite a long time. The character, Nicky Parsons, his old colleague finds out a list of CIA Black Ops, that includes the information about Bourne’s father and also about a new program. Bourne starts with his own investigations and brings himself to the CIA’s attention.

CIA Agent Heather Lee wants to get hold of Bourne, but the CIA director has other plans. In the midst of everything, an assassin links with Bourne. Will Jason Bourne be able to escape from all the challenges in the series too?

What is the conclusion?

With the fifth series, the original protagonist character, Matt Damon makes a comeback. It is one of the reasons for the popularity of the movie and doing quite well in the blockbuster. Violence is shown with shooting and guns and a lot of hand-to-hand fights. There are crazy car chases, fires, and explosions, falling from higher places and there are many characters in the movie dying. In fact, there is some inappropriate language usage as well. Thus, it is not applicable for kids and young children.