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Hacksaw Ridge
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Hacksaw Ridge is a 2016 biographical war movie that focuses on the World War 2 experiences of Desmond Doss, who was an American pacificist combat medic who refused to carry or use a firearm or weapons of any kind. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his service and duty.
  • Andrew Garfield
  • Richard Pyros
ABOUT Hacksaw Ridge

The Storyline

The film has been directed by Mel Gibson and written by Andrew Knight and Robert Scenkkan. This is based on an early documentary by Doss. The film star Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaughn, Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer and Racheal Griffins This movie has received critical acclaim and has grossed $101 million worldwide.

The plot of the story

While growing up in Lynchburg, Virginia, during the time of the Great depression, Desmond Doss nearly kills his brother by hitting him with a brick. This is a very traumatizing experience for him and his mother guides him on the Sixth Commandment of the Old Testament. Year’s later, Doss saves a man from a car accident and while taking him to the hospital is obsessed by a nurse. They began dating and fall in love. Everyone in the town enlists themselves to fight for the World War and Doss is motivated as well. His father is very upset, as he fears that he might lose his sons. Doss intends to serve as a combat Medic and he asks for Dorothy’s hand in marriage. Doss does not want to handle any weapon, but he is put through grueling labor and his fellow friends turn against him. Doss gets arrested for refusing to carry an arm, but is released. Doss saves a number of people in the army and receives the Medal of Honor by President Harry S Truman for being a conscientious objector. He married Dorothy and they both lead a happy life.


Hacksaw Ridge is a movie of courage, bravery and passion. This movie has been slated for awards as well