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Finding Dory
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Finding Dory is a 2016 animated American 3D movie that has been produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Andrew Stanton has directed it. The Film is a sequel to 200s finding Nemo
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Albert Brooks
  • Kaitlin Olson
ABOUT Finding Dory

The storyline

Finding Dory is an animated movie that features the voices of Albert Brooks, Ellen De Generes, Hayden Rolence and more. The story focuses on a fish that is amnesiac and seems to forget everything, however wants to be reunited with her parents. Along the way she is captured, taken to an aquarium, from where Marlin and Nemo again rescue her. The film was released on 8th June 2016 in United States and was a grand success. The film made huge revenue in the box office and has set numerous records as well.

The main plot of the story

Dory gets separated from her parents as a child and when she grows up, she tried to search for them. She however has a short-term memory loss problem and accidently runs down on Marlin a clown fish who is looking for her missing son. After Marlin finds Nemo, Dory helps him raise Nemo. One day Dory is captured by staff members from this nearby Marine Life Institute and sent to the aquarium. There she meets Hank. And he agrees to help Dory find her parents. Along with Hank, A Beluga whale and more, Dory members her past and how she was separated from her parents. Dory is rescued by Nemo and Marlin and her other friends and then meets her parents and reunites with them.


Finding Dory is a very sweet and engaging animated movie that has been well loved by children as well as adults. The movie is a good one that has also received a number of awards.