Bad Moms


Bad Moms
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Mila Kunis plays the main character in the movie as Amy. The movie depicts the role of stressed mothers in an excellent manner. If you have not watched the comedy movie, you must go for it.
  • Mila Kunis
  • Kathryn Hahn
  • Kristen Bell
ABOUT Bad Moms

Theme of the movie

At some point of life, every mother feels that she is a total failure in life. It is one such feeling that she might feel a number of times in her life. She is always under pressure to be perfect catering and fulfilling the demands of everyone around. A mother always feels that she is letting down her kids and her family members along with other professional colleagues, mostly because of the overwhelming responses (negative feedbacks) from others. The theme has been very well portrayed in the movie.

Storyline of the movie

Mila Kunis plays the protagonist character, Amy. She has a perfect life with a great marriage, good kids, a successful career and a beautiful home. But, she is overworked and exhausted in her life. Amy is so fed up in her life that she decides to join the gang of two other over exhausted and stressed moms. They gang up together on a mission to liberate themselves from traditional responsibilities and enjoying freedom, fun and everything that a conventional mom won’t do. This puts her in direct conflict with the perfect and devoted mothers.


Bad Moms is a 2016 America comedy movie that depicts the situation of over stressed and exhausted mothers in the very best manner. Mila Kunis has represented her role as a stressed and over worked mother in a very hilarious way. No one could have done her part better than Mila Kunis herself. The movie has done quite well in the box office with mixed and positive reviews from the people and the critics.