• The storyline
    Finding Dory is an animated movie that features the voices of Albert Brooks, Ellen De Generes, Hayden Rolence and more. The story focuses on a fish that is amnesiac and seems to forget everything, […]

  • The storyline of the movie
    Mike and Dave, who are two brothers, star in this loosely woven American comedy film, which has been directed by Jake Szymanski and written by Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O’Brien. The […]

  • Theme of the movie
    Doctor Strange has been produced by Marvel Studios and has been distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion pictures. The film stars Benedict Cumber batch, Rachel McAdams, Benjamin Bratt, Tilda […]

  • Theme of the movie
    Jason Bourne is the fifth movie in the Bourne series. The movie celebrates the fighting and the defensive skills of the protagonist character. His ability to beat up the evil people and even […]

  • Theme of the movie
    The Secret Life of Pets is a cartoon movie that comes with a very positive theme and depicts a positive message as well. The whole story resonates well about friendship, perseverance, teamwork […]

  • Theme of the story
    Now You See Me 2 is the sequel of the 2013 blockbuster hit movie, Now You See Me. The movie is all about magicians doing some extraordinary trick. The movie also depicts a bank robbery. An […]

  • Theme of the movie
    At some point of life, every mother feels that she is a total failure in life. It is one such feeling that she might feel a number of times in her life. She is always under pressure to be […]

  • Theme of the movie
    From the very beginning of the movie, you will find that Sausage Party is filled with vulgar and crude or gross sexual jokes with a handful of ethnic stereotype characters in the form of human […]

  • Theme of the movie
    The main theme of the entire story is to trust and believe people. In the entire storyline, trust is expressed deeply. Jack had to believe that his grandfather was not lying about the monsters […]

  • Theme of the movie
    “The shallows” is a perfect example of how a person can survive in an odd situation when he or she is left alone with a predator that is looking to kill them. The actress sees people being tor […]

  • Theme of the movie
    Captain America “Civil War” is the latest release by the Walt Disney pictures for all the fiction loving people in the globe. This was one of the most awaited releases of the year. This mov […]

  • Theme of the movie 
    The basic theme of the movie is to show how cruel the world can be at times. It’s a psychological thriller more than a horror story. Although the motive of the movie is to make people think th […]

  • Theme of the movie
    Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is an American superhero movie from the DC Extended Universe. Zack Snyder directed the film with the distribution done by Warner Bros. Pictures. After Man […]

  • Information about the movie
    Star Trek Beyond is an American science fiction adventure movie directed by Justin Lin. The film is the 13th film in the series of Star Trek, which is made by Gene Roddenberry. This […]

  • Theme of the movie
    Jurassic Park is an American science fiction adventure film by Steven Spielberg. This film is based on a novel of the same name written by Michael Crichton and the screenplay as well with David […]

  • Movie theme and genre
    Zootopia or Zootropolis (in many countries it released) is an American 3D animated film by Walt Disney. The film is a buddy-comedy with an adventurous genre, directed by Byron Howard and […]

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    Theme of the movie
    Sully an American biographical drama film by Clint Eastwood. Todd Komarnicki is the writer of the film, and it based on the autobiography Highest Duty by Captain Chesley “Sully” Sul […]

  • Marvel’s movie theme
    Avengers or Marvel’s The Avengers or Marvel Avengers Assemble is an American superhero movie, produced by the Marvel Studios. Avengers are based on the Marvel Comics also named as Marvels Ave […]

  • The theme of the movie
    Suicide Squad is an American superhero film directed by David Ayer is based on the characters of DC Comics. This is the third film of the DC Extended Universe and distributed by Warner […]

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